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Go see them all HERE

Gallery Ten Ninety One at WKNO TV 10

July 3rd through July 28th, 2017, in Cordova, TN


Home at last!  On July 5th, the Critter Collection began their residency at Gallery Ten Ninety One at WKNO TV 10's headquarters, and they will all stay there through the month of July.

Critter Party was Over-the-top AWESOME!

Over 200 people came to see the exhibit, play the Monster Match Game, and snack on hors d'oeuvres that were provided by Peyton Collins of the High Heeled Hippie in Jackson, MS.  If you want any of the recipes that she used, or perhaps tried her green pepper jelly and want to know where to get some, email her at peytonfrances@hotmail.com and ask. You can also check out her FaceBook Page HERE... lots of gardeny goodness over there!

Kacky Walton interviewed Becky Zee to learn more about her artistic process and where all these critters came from. Tune in and listen to it here:

Critter Talk with Becky Zee - Kacky Walton of WKNO 91.1
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The George Berry, Sr. Gallery at the Mississippi Craft Center

May 6th through May 31st, 2017, in Ridgeland, MS

The Critters were hosted for the entire month of May in this fine gallery, courtesy of The Craftsmen's Guild of Mississippi. I hope you had a chance to stop by. The Mississippi Craft Center is a beautiful piece of architecture that was created to preserve the history of the Natchez Trace, as well as celebrate the many fine craftspeople in the area. You'll get to see their permanent collection of fine art as well as browse through a huge gallery full of handmade gifts and collectables.

The Power House

April 3rd through May 1st, 2017, in Oxford, MS

This was the first location for the 366 Critter Challenge - this building used to be Oxford's Power House, but was repurposed to be a community gathering space, reception hall, and gallery. It hosts several events throughout the year such as its monthly Art CrawlMiss-I-Sippin', and the Fiber Arts Festival.  It also curates additions to a huge sculpture garden and offers space for artists to teach classes as well as display their work. The Yoknapatawpha Arts Council works hard to promote the arts! Read more about their work here...


Handmade Business was kind enough to include a great article about the Critter exhibit in their June 2017 issue! Click the mini-page to open the PDF in another window...

The overhead for this humongous gallery show is eating up huge buckets of $$$ and I have to ask for help to cover it!  

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