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Hey there!

My name is Becky Ziemer and I am the artist, brand manager, secretary, groundskeeper and cat wrangler behind Becky Zee. As a child I had many different interests and enjoyed all forms of artistic expression, but none of them captured my heart like clay. Deep down, I've always known that I would become a clay artist, but I did not initially choose to follow that path. After graduating from the University of Mississippi in 1998 with a degree in graphic design, I got married and found work in a print shop in Memphis, Tennessee. Over the years that followed, I was a graphic designer by day and an enthusiastic clay nerd by night. I gradually built my ceramics studio in my basement and sharpened my technical skills until finally, in 2015, I switched careers to become a full time ceramics artist.

Today, you will most likely find me in my basement studio in midtown, Memphis, either creating new critters or building stories around some of my favorites. To get a peek at what’s coming next, follow me on Facebook  or Instagram @BeckyZee38104. 

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