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Order a custom critter made just for you! Usually people like to order pet portraits, but there are so many other possibilities: memorials, wedding gifts, favorite animals, award sculptures, corporate gifts and more. I'm pretty versatile, so if you can dream it I can do it!

Base Price

What does that include?

Each critter will be hand-formed from midrange stoneware clay, colored with glazes and other finishing flourishes as necessary, and fired in a ceramic kiln. The resulting critter will be roughly 5 inches on its longest dimension, i.e. dachshunds and corgis will be about 5 inches long, greyhounds and Russian wolfhounds will be about 5 inches tall, etc.
Extremely round critters will be roughly 4 inches in diameter on all sides.

Price goes up with size and complexity. If you would like something truly outstanding, please don't hesitate to ask. I can make it happen!

All I need are a couple snapshots of your favorite furbaby and perhaps a little guidance on his or her personality.​ So...what are you waiting for???

NOTE: Critters will take an average of 3 to 4 weeks to create, so plan accordingly. Becky Zee reserves the right to offer critters that are not purchased to the general public if the creation is not claimed by its original requestor.

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